Banana Moon Swimwear 2019

Discover the brand new Banana Moon Collection for 2019. The well-known California-style brand has created a wide range of two-piece and one-piece swimsuits and this season, it takes us on a journey with ethnic themes and colors. As usual, the 2019 collection offers trendy designs that are perfect for a feminine and active summer!

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Banana Moon Swimwear 2019: The Color Collection!

Three French women and one American woman teamed up to create France’s favorite bikini brand, which has once again created a pure Californian style this year. The beaches are all ours with this dynamic style thanks to one-piece and two-piece swimsuits that are both sporty and vibrant—a far cry from the grey of the city!

The Collection that Takes Us on a Journey

The colors and variety of one-piece and two-piece swimsuits styles take us on a journey for the 2016 collection: from deep blue Papagaio theme to dazzling Mexican stripes, these swimsuits are guaranteed to delight any color addict! The solid-color collections are perfect for those seeking an elegant style—in the sand, no less!—in a one- or two-piece swimsuit. With themes from Squaw to Black, chic two-piece swimsuits are available with style-finishing details like fringe and beads. Banana Moon has always chosen bright colors to bring out tan skin tones. The two-piece swimsuit designs are exotic and unique from one style to the next—from the Hulalai theme’s pretty flowers to the polka dots offered in the Ventura theme.

Banana Moon Swimwear Keeps Us Moving

Each product combines style and comfort for girls who like to stay active or those who like to suntan; Banana Moon swimsuits are styled particularly for the latter. The Hills theme is perfect for girls who love the sailor look; those who prefer an all-American style will love the California theme!

The 2016 collection is made for energetic girls who love to explore! To the beach!