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Discover fashionable beach hats and beach accessories, at We offer a variety of stylish beach hats and accessories, with a great selection of top name designer brands. Choose beach accessories perfect for spending time on the beach, or for providing you with shade from the hot summer sun. Select from a fashionably diverse range.

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    Banana Moon

    Banana Moon Beachwear Turquoise Woman Hat Hatsy Hunter

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    Seafolly White Hat Lizzy

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    Seafolly Indigo Hat Lizzy Beach Basics

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    Banana Moon

    Hat Banana Moon Hatsy Avila Black

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    Banana Moon

    Hat Banana Moon Hatsy Monimbo Black

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    Banana Moon

    Hat Banana Moon Hatsy Sodad Black

  • Livia Beige Floppy Beach Hat Idina  Livia Beige Floppy Beach Hat Idina 

    Produit momentanément indisponible



    Livia Beige Floppy Beach Hat Idina 

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    Palme Dark Blue Capeline

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    Palme Pink Capeline

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    Rip Curl

    Rip Curl Beige Hat Dakota

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You know how frustrating it can be when you are spending time on the beach and the sun obscures your vision. Sunglasses are a great way to keep the sun out of your eyes and always look amazing. However, sun visors offer an alternative to sunglasses. A fashionable sun visor will come in handy, and matching your sun visor with striking swimwear, creates an edgy, fashionable look. have a stylish range of sun visors available for purchase. These designs are modern and match really well with the swimsuits. You'll feel really proud to be seen in your trendy sun visor. Choose from a variety of colours and designs, from top brand labels, like Banana Moon and Seafolly. A sun visor is a cute and trendy beach accessory. Get beach ready, with your trendy sun visor and swimsuit.

Beach accessories and beach hats are chic and unique at

Hats have a way of polishing off an outfit and women of various ages reflect great style and panache when wearing them. The summer is always a perfect time to wear beach hats, and the selection that are sharing, consist of fashion forward, elegant and trendy items. Oversized floppy beach hatshave a certain elegance and charm, and look great on women of all ages. These styles are ultra-fashionable, paired with beach accessories, like oversized sunglasses. Straw beach hats have timeless appeal and a classic type of style that remains in fashion, while capeline hats provide essential protection from the suns UV rays. Match your beach hat with various beach accessories and apparel, also available at These include flip flops, tunics, dresses and skirts, and will ensure you turn heads on the beach this summer.