Teen Girls' Swimsuits

Carla-Bikini.com are a specialised supplier of trendy girls' swimsuits for teens looking to hit the beach this summer, offering big name brands such as Banana Moon & Little Marcel. Carla-Bikini.com is a one-stop-shop for teen girls' swimwear that's right on trend, incorporating the latest fashions, bright & vibrant designs that will look great.

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Bold and Vibrant Teen Bikinis and Girls' Swimsuits

Thinking of just buying a small-sized adult swimsuit for your beach vacation? Why? Adult swimwear isn't designed for young bodies - it's typically designed in plain patterns, and especially styled so as not to draw attention to those little lumps and bumps that pop up as we get older! As a trendy teen, you're looking for something different, right? Teen girls' swimwear is designed differently - it's designed to be fashionable. Patterns are right on trend, with vibrant prints mirroring the catwalk offerings of Dries van Noten and Roksanda, and college-style lettering adding a touch of fun and sophistication to any teen swimsuit. With brands such as Banana Moon Teens, you'll have a choice of summery florals, eye-popping florescents, and even a touch of glitter, but what you won't find is dull, standard, basic blacks that make you invisible. These girls' swimsuits will have you standing out from the crowd.

Teen Bikinis, Girls' Swimsuits, and Every Style In Between

Brands like Banana Moon have been designing and manufacturing fashionable ranges of products in teen girls' swimwear for many years, which means they know what teens are looking for when getting ready for a hot and sunny beach vacation. Gorgeous teen bikinis, which expose more of the skin than a standard swimsuit, allow you to perfect that bronzed tan in no time, but the clever styles mean these teen bikinis aren't oversexualised - they're classy, they provide great support to teen bodies, and they still leave all the important things to the imagination! Carla-Bikini.com stock all types of teen bikinis, from frilly and floral to sporty top and shorts combos. If you'd rather keep covered up on the beach, there are plenty of great alternatives, including swim dresses and cut-out swimsuits that keep you covered whilst still incorporating some of the catwalk's hottest trends. Whatever type of teen swimsuit you're looking for, you'll find it here.