Watts Swimear

Watts, a brand for your family: shorts, boxers, trunks for men and children or even bikini and beachwear... Opt for a fun and colourful look with this original collection: neon colours, prints, and crochet. For a perfect summer look, get your Watts swimwear !

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Watts, for the whole family

The brand Watts is known for dressing sporty and trendy men. But not only ! Watts swimwear includes several collections for your entire family. Watts swimsuits are colorful, you will defnitively find something for your taste. American inspired prints give men a casual look perfect for the beach !

And what about women ?

Watts also offers a collection of swimsuits for women, beach shorts or bikinis. They often match the men collections for a sparkling and bright harmony. Shapes of Watts swimsuits are both simple and comfortable : a perfect and glamorous look. Be cool, on your own or with your family with Watts swimwear !