Flip-Flops and espadrilles

Flip-Flops are an essential item of beachwear. Keep your feet protected and looking stylish in some of the best brands. Excessively hot sand or sharp pieces of shell and glass could ruin your day on the beach if your feet aren't protected. As well as thong sandals, we have very stylish Espadrilles and Mules. Keep your feet safe and beautiful!

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Enduringly Stylish Beachwear

Flip-flops have been a staple of footwear fashion throughout human history, ancient Egyptians were even wearing them 4,000 years ago! They have endured so thoroughly because of how perfectly simple and effective they are. These days, we build sand castles rather than pyramids as we relax on the beach with family and friends. We also have a lot more styles to choose from for our beachwear. Not only are they the perfect shoes for pool and beachwear; they are ideal for a summers evening meal or romantic sunset stroll along the promenade. Sandals are an elegant accompaniment to your fun summer dresses, or can be worn smartly with linen trousers. This range of thong sandals on Carla-bikini.com is incredibly diverse and colourful. With top brands such as Banana Moon, Seafolly, Ipanema and Little Marcel you need to look no further for the best flip-flops on the market.

Perfectly Practical Too

Apart from looking very stylish, flip flops are also a highly practical addition to your beachwear wardrobe. Thong sandals are the next best thing to going barefoot; let your feet breathe and enjoy the light sea breeze without any of the issues that wearing no shoes can cause. Thong sandals erase the need for a frantic sprint across scorching sand or pool sides. Also, if you have ever stepped on a shard of glass or a pointy shell, you know how essential flip flops are. They are so lightweight and convenient to kick on and off that you hardly notice they are there. Don't try to sneak up on your loved ones though; your flipping and flopping might give you away.