Moeva Swimwear

Are you looking for luxury swimwear? Moeva bathing suits are exactly what you need ! Created in London, this brand is gorgeous : glamorous one-piece bathing suits, sexy high-neck tanks...Moeva offers a wide range of shapes to flatter your curves with class and elegance.

Taste luxury with Moeva Swimwear

You’re loving what you see ? That’s normal. Moeva swimsuits are true little wonders : they are luxury swimsuits ! These exceptional pieces are specially designed  to enhance women. The brand Moeva focuses on original design and above all perfect quality. Every piece is designed with a fabric that enhance your curves.

Moeva 2016 : get a unique bathing suit

Indeed, wearing a bikini from Moeva Collection 2016, it’s wearing a creation ! Their bikinis have original shapes, and you’re sure to have a gorgeous look on the beach. We love their one-piece swimsuits with an attractive cleavage, their amazing trikinis and their bikinis with jewels.Their swimsuits are so sophisticated that you will have the impression you’re walking on the fashion show.That’s why many stars like Cameron Diaz, Nicole Scherzinger cracked for Moeva Collection 2016.

Focus on Istanbul and Moeva Swimwear

It’s in this this town in Turquey that the founders of Moeva met. All 3 of them were passionate about fashion and bikinis and they decided to create the brand that will become a few years later, the reference around the Black sea. The golden jewels on the bikinis add an oriental touch and asymmetric cuts act as a counterbalance. In Carla Bikini, these bustier swimsuits make us want to bask in the sun on Antalaya beaches ! So, can you resist the temptation of Moeva Swimwear 2016 ?