Swimsuits for less than 40€

Low prices, major trends ! Crack for our swimsuits selection for less than 40€. Dag Adom, Lolita Angels, Marie Meili, here are our biggest brands. One piece bathing suits or bikinis, it's up to you !

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Low prices and trendy swimwear

Who said we couldn’t be trendy with low prices swimwear ? It’s certainly not us ! We want you to be the prettiest on the beach this summer, and that’s why we made this selection at a very nice price. Crack for the colorful swimwear Lolita Angels, succumb to the originality of RAE bikinis, enhance your curves with Marie Meili swimwear or be sexy with Dag Adom swimsuits.

Swimsuits : the cheaper the better !

Going on vacation is always an adventure, but it’s not when we’re talking about finance. But you won’t have to worry about that when it comes to your bikini ! On Carla-Bikini.com, we have selected super trendy swimsuits at great prices. Your are sure to find your dream bikini for less than 40€.

One-piece bathing suits or two-piece, it’s up to you…

Yes,  our prices are low, but you still have to make a choice. With so much choices, it’s going to be tough, I know it. Bandeau, high-neck tank, triangle, push-up or one-piece : just pick the bikini that best suits you. This year, brazilian bikini bottoms are essentials, or you can opt for a high-waisted bikini bottom to enhance your pin up side or be even sexier with a string. Treat yourself at tiny prices, that’s what matters !