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With our selection of Livia bathing suits on sale at unbelievable discounts, you'll be able to assemble the perfect wardrobe for a five star getaway. Understated and with an easy elegance, cool yet full of allure, these amazingly cheap swimsuits know how to impress without seeming to make an effort.

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Cheap swimsuits with classic elegance in the Livia swimwear sale

The maturity and poise of the brand's customer is reflected in the classic feel of the Livia Monte-Carlobathing suits on sale, together with their smooth, uncluttered finish. Browsing through our discounts, you'll see that clean lines are matched by sharp tailoring and finely crafted detail. Chic blacks, rich dark colours and warm, flattering tones are employed for a sleek, refined look. At the same time, the Livia woman isn't afraid of flaunting what she's got, and these temptingly cheap swimsuits offer plenty of scope for showing off your feminine curves and golden tan. If you're heading off for a romantic break, a cruise or a few days in Saint Tropez, the only thing you need to pack is a Livia bikini.

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Classiness and sex appeal combine time and again in our Livia swimwear sale. There are great discounts on a range of gorgeous costumes. Maybe you need a plunging top, with some clever trim to draw the eye and adjustable straps and moulded cups ensure a snug fit and a firm, beach ready cleavage? Perhaps you're looking for something for a candlelit picnic by the sea, a bikini that's sleek and streamlined yet curvy and sensual? Or could it be you're a little worried about your body shape and you're in the market for a pant that gives you narrower hips, or a top to create the appearance of a fuller bust? The chances are, they'll be something to cater to your needs among our cheap swimsuits. Check out the discounts on our divinely desirable Livia bathing suits on sale at