Bandeau Swimwear

We supply beautiful bandeau bathing suits to women all around the world who want to ensure they look gorgeous and fit on the beach while still maintaining an air of class and sophistication. The bandeau bikini is the perfect alternative to plunge bikinis for women who want to expose less skin, but still get a nice tan during vacation.

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Bandeau Swimwear is Always in Fashion

While we tend to think of bandeau bathing suits as being quite a modern introduction to the fashion world, the bandeau bikini has actually been around for a very long time. Bandeau style has remained a firm favourite over the years for a number of reasons. The style, which is so simple, can be customised to suit any body type or shape through clever additions, such as detachable straps, through stronger support cups which make bandeau bathing suits a great choice even for ladies with larger chests, and through intricate designs such as bold florals and prints which draw the eye away from imperfections and leave you looking like a true beach babe. Gorgeous bandeau swimwear has never gone out of style!

Bandeau Bathing Suits Offer Complete Flexibility - Your Style, Your Way

Although traditionally 'bandeau' is used to refer to a very simple design that incorporates just a single piece of stretchy fabric that covers the chest area, a modern bandeau bikini is anything but boring. Brands such as Livia, Banana Moon, and Seafolly have combined the classic bandeau look - straight out of the 1940s - with contemporary styles and the hottest catwalk trends, ultimately creating a new form of bandeau swimwear that exudes old school style and class, but with the boldness and confidence of modern fashions. Today, a bandeau bikini can be anything from a simple band of fabric to two distinct, shapely cups for added support, twisted fabrics for a lively, zany look, or can even come with straps that give a little more support. Fastenings can be at the front, at the back, or the top can be secured simply by the stretchiness of the fabric. There's no limits when it comes to bandeau bathing suits!